School students wear checked shirts in solidarity

Teachers and school students in Hungary staged a 'solidarity day' last week, called 'I won't go to school!' They were protesting about conditions in schools and the education policy of the right wing government of Viktor Orban.

Students, their parents and teachers, say that pupils just have to learn lists of data, instead of being taught how to think for themselves. The curriculum is dictated by the government and teachers have no freedom to create their own content. 

There is also a damaging lack of resources in Hungarian schools, and teachers are expected to teach 26 hours a week with a huge amount of administrative work on top of that, making the workload unsustainable. 

Thousands of people joined the solidarity day, and workshops were organised for those taking part. As another gesture of solidarity, schools students wore checked shirts and photographed themselves on facebook. 

Last month there were mass demonstrations in Hungary against the government's education 'reforms'; opposition to these policies is shared by 75% of the public according to polls.