Teachers across Hungary took part in an hour's strike this morning in their continuing fight to break the grip of the government on education. The slogan of the protest is 'I want to teach!' Among their twelve demands, teachers want more funding, a reduced workload and an end to government interference in education. they say the government is imposing a curriculum which involves hours of rote learning, promotes a political agenda and prevents the development of critical thinking.

Teachers are characterising their protests as 'civil disobedience' since labour laws in the country prevent them from striking. They say they will step up the action if the government does not agree to negotiations.

Parents and students have also been participating in the protest, which involved forming human chains around schools this morning. Another symbol of the protest is checked shirts, since a government minister described teachers as 'dishevelled and checked shirt-wearing'. 

Last month there were mass demonstrations in the capital Budapest - an overwhelming majority of the population support the teachers struggle according to polls. The struggle goes to the heart of the issue of a lack of democracy in the country, and the government's attempts to atomise Hungarian society into competing individuals - attempts which are most obvious in its education policy.