russian-hunger.jpg  Some of the Parents and Teachers on Hunger Strike Russian parents and teachers went on hunger strike for a week to prevent their schools from being closed The schools - in the Ulyanovsk district were due to be closed for reasons of 'economic expediency' along with three others but teachers and parents joined forces in a hunger strike. The group of 36 camped out in front of the schools. Now the prosecutor general has said the closures are illegal and that the schools will be kept open. There is great concern in Russia that rural comminities, often of minority ethnic groups are being starved of cash - with vital services like schools closed so that villages die and yet more people are forced to move to mega cities. This process is referred to in the Moscow Times as 'internal decolonisation - see for a more detailed discussion of this issue. Meanwhile the closing of school in rural areas is accelerating as a result of massive education cuts and this is a process which is happening in many countries of the world.