In this important film, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) shows how privatisers and billionaires are leading the attack on teaching unions and education The CTU is facing the fight of its life against the neo-liberal policies of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel who wants to lengthen the school day, cut pay and tie teachers' work and pay to ever more standardised testing. In this important film, the CTU shows how groups like Stand For Children, an outfit backed by right wing education administrators like Michelle Rhee, the Gates Foundation, Democrats for Education Reform and the ultra right wing Tea Party group are backing Emmanuel in his determination to defeat the CTU and turn schools over entirely to privately run charters. The CTU is fighting to keep public schools open, for fair compensation, meaningful job security for qualified teachers, smaller class sizes and a better school day with Art, Music, World Language and appropriate staffing levels to help the neediest students. The CTU was hampered in its struggle by a clause, orchestrated by Stand For Children which would mean that 75% of the membership would have to vote for strike action. As a result the CTU turned out to its membership and local communities to get a 98% vote for strike action. Now the union is gearing up for action, starting to prepare banners and organise rallies of parents, students and teachers to fight the anti-education policies of the Emmanuel state government. As we reported in a previous post:  "Chicago teachers have been in the front line of the fight against neo-liberal reform ever since Paul Vallas was appointed as CEO of CPS in 1995. He ushered in high stakes tesing and rapid privatisation of services, which resulted in a widening of the gap between students. Above all he attacked the CTU. Since that time Vallas has left to re-organise the school sytem in New Orleans in the wake of the hurricane disaster – destroying public schools there, sacking all the public school teachers and setting up a system of charter schools. He went on to re-organise the Haiti school system after the hurricane in a typical neo-liberal trajectory of adminstering neo-liberal ‘solutions’ after disaster strikes – in what Naomi Klein describes as the shock doctrine. "Paul Vallas was succeeded by Arne Duncan who carried on the same policies and is now Obama’s education supremo. Ironically it was Chicago university which first spawned the dominant neo-liberal theory and the first job of the Chicago boys – led by Milton Friedman was to impose their reforms in Chile after the brutal coup in 1973." Chicago teachers have not been cowed by all the money and power which has been thrown at them by the private foundations promoting neo-liberal reform. In the film, Stand for Children boasts that it has raised more money in a short period to crush the CTU than the entire budget of the CTU. Teachers in Chicago are not alone - their colleagues all over the world - many involved in struggles of their own - are watching their fight, learning from their experiences and willing them to victory in their campaign for emancipated public education, in the spiritual home of neo-liberalism.