Teachers in Mexico are continuing their determined fight against the neo-liberal education 'reform', which the right wing government of President Pena Nieto is attempting to force on the education service in the country.

Section 28 of the CNTE teachers union in the province of Michoacan has voted for an indefinite strike until the new education law is repealed. The teachers are joined by many parents and there will be demonstrations in the province tomorrow, where they will be joined by student teachers, and when they also intend to occupy the education offices. Moreover the province of Michoacan is sending reinforcements to the ongoing occupation in Mexico City, along with Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas and Veracruz.

Meanwhile parents in Mexico City have occupied schools in the fight against the new laws and the privatisation of the education system. Parents say they will be expected to pay fees for their children's education, in addition to the taxes they are already paying. They have padlocked the schools and say they will not leave until the laws are reversed.

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