Teachers in the Balearic Islands region of Spain are to take part in more strike action this week and next. Teachers will strike on two of the four islands this Friday, 8th November and in the others on Monday 11th November. This is the continuation of a strike which went on for several weeks at the beginning of this term over two major issues. The first relates to massive cuts in the education budget on the islands, including the loss of 1000 teaching posts, longer working weeks and a 25% pay cut. The second is a change to education in the islands, which will see education being taught through Spanish, English or Catalan, replacing the present system where the Balearic dialect of Catalan is the main language of instruction. The inclusion of English is because it is seen as the passport to 'a decent future of our kids.'

Naturally this attack on the ancient cultural history of the islands has caused outrage, as has the belligerent attitude of the government and their refusal to negotiate. The teachers called off their indefinite strike earlier this term, but made it clear that the fight was not over. The latest strike dates represent the latest stage of the struggle. The assembly which called the new strike days declared, "The efforts of every single teacher mean that the struggle continues!" La lucha continua!