Teachers join Demonstration for Independent Trade Unions in Egypt The Independent Teachers Syndicate (ITS) in Egypt is championing the rights of teachers on temporary contracts Members of the union went on strike in March, demanding that their colleagues on temporary contracts have their jobs made permanent. Now the ITS has issued a list of demands to the government which includes the following: "5 – The appointment of all teachers on the job (regardless of the type of contract, existence of contract whether teachers share contracts or are on temporary contracts of various types. As well as the abolition of temporary based employment of various kinds in the field of education immediately and unconditionally for those who have worked for more than one academic year." The use of teachers on temporary contracts is common - both in the OECD countries and in the global south. It is often used as a way of getting 'education on the cheap' as well as weakening teachers unions, see for example previous posts on Morocco, India and Kenya. To read the full list of the teachers' demands, go to: http://menasolidaritynetwork.com/category/education/