Contract Teachers in Bihar demonstrated by begging last Year Contract teachers in Bihar, India are continuing their fight for pay justice Teachers in the North Indian state of Bihar are still fighting for decent pay. Last October they struck and some lost their jobs as a result, yet still they are being paid a fraction of what regular teachers get as well as having no job security. The education minister in Bihar has categorically refused to give them a pay rise of any sort - leave alone equal pay for equal work - which is what they are demanding. He says the state cannot afford it. Yet the teachers are paid only $100 a month, and many have been on temporary contracts for years. The teachers have had the support of their permanent colleagues - both in the primary and secondary teachers' union. The Bihar Secondary School Teachers Association is calling on its members to boycott public exams if the government do not pay the contract teachers properly and regularise their contracts. Teachers in other parts of India, including Bhopal, Jarkhand and Kashmir have been on strike for the same reason. The endemic misuse of temporary contracts is a policy followed in many parts of the Global South and one which is actively encouraged by the World Bank. The teachers in Bihar, enraged by the statements of the education minister are on hunger strike as well as surrounding the houses of ministers in the state government.