Previous Protest by Indian Contract Teachers Contract teachers in Manipur have threatened to refuse to work if they are not given permanent posts The teachers in the Manipur state of India work in primary schools. They signed temporary contracts in April - having been promised that permanent contracts would follow in three months. However the contracts have failed to materialise. Not only that but the teachers have not received any salaries since they started. The teachers have now threatened to surrender their contracts and take other actions including strike action if they are not given permanent posts. This treatment of contract teachers is not untypical - particularly in the Global South as regular readers of this site will know. It is a practice which is actively encouraged by the World Bank which has produced reports purporting to show that contract teachers work as well as properly employed teachers at a fraction of the cost. Meanwhile in another development,  teachers who work in Cuttack, the state capital of the Indian state of Orissa in DAV (Dayanand Anglo-Vedic) schools - the largest group of non-governmental schools in India - are on strike for a rise in their meagre pay. At present the most highly qualified and senior teacher earns only $300 a month. The high court in Orissa struck down the decision of the schools' authorities to raise fees for pupils and as a result according to the teachers, they have not received a promised salary rise.