Bhopal teachers demonstrating last year Contract teachers in Bhopal are on indefinite strike The contract teachers earn about $92 a month,about a third of the regular teachers, as well as having no job security. The teachers started an indefinite strike last Tuesday, demanding equal pay for equal work as well as regular contracts. Between two and three hundred thousand teachers are on strike, and 80,000 schools closed according to reports, despite the government declaring their action illegal and threatening disciplinary action.  As a way of showing their plight and the impossibility of feeding a family on their salaries, they served a meal consisting of bread made of grass and rice containing gravel. The teachers are also threatening to boycott public exams if their demands are not met. Meanwhile the All India Primary Teachers Federation are planning a  demonstration on April 4th with a seven point charter of demands including the restoration of the pension scheme and an end to privatisation.