chandigarh.jpg  An Earlier Protest by Teachers in Chandigarh Up to 70 teachers in the City of Chandigarh in north-western India have been arrested for protesting about their contracts The teachers who are all so-called contract teachers are demanding that they be given permanent contracts. They staged a three day protest and tried to meet the home secretary. They were prevented by the police and then refused to move. Eventually 7o of them were forcibly arrested including many women. In another development teachers sitting their qualifying examination in Sasaram in the Bihar province of India were shot at by police when female students protested at being searched by the male superintendent. The superintendent called the police who opened fire on the examinees injuring 4 - two of them critically. Subsequently the qualifying teachers staged a protest against the actions of the superintendent and the police.  Teachersolidarity would be be very grateful for any first hand accounts of the various struggles by teachers in India. Please email us on with any news.