Teachers in Bathinda in the Indian province of Punjab, were attacked by police wielding long batons  this week. Among those protesting were nursery teachers, and many working for schemes which purport to bring education for all such as SSA. Others were graduates with Bachelor Education degrees who are unemployed despite the desperate shortage of qualified teachers.

The protesters were demanding an increase in their wages which typically stand at $66 a month - scarcely enough for bare survival. They said that instead of funding education properly the government was rapidly privatising schools.

Teachers organisations had called for a peaceful demonstration, but when 500 gathered to protest near the bus station, police attacked them with batons, injuring two and arresting 50 others. Some teachers mounted water tanks and pledged to stay there until their demands were met.

This brutal treatment by the Indian state of teachers protesting for public education is a continuing disgrace which is frequently reported on this website but largely ignored by the rest of the world.