hunger2.jpg  SSA Teachers in a Previous Hunger Strike against Temporary Contracts Teacher trainees in the Indian province of Himachal Pradesh are on hunger strike in protest against the government's failure to give them permanent contracts The teachers who are Junior Basic Trained (JBT) say that the government had undertaken to give them permanent teaching  jobs but had now gone back on its word and was only offering them temporary renewable contracts. When the same thing happened last year trainees protested until the government gave them permanent jobs. This problem is one which is becoming increasingly common both in the Global South and in the OECD countries. In the Global South, for example in the francophone countries in sub-saharan Africa so-called contract teachers are often paid only half of the salaries for permanent teachers. This is documented in a World Bank Report: "In particular, recent progress in primary education in Francophone countries resulted from reduced teacher costs, especially through the recruitment of contractual teachers, generally at about 50% the salary of civil service teachers. Expressed in GNP per capita terms, this has brought teacher costs down to about the level of other low-income countries including Anglophone SSA countries. In some countries, the number of contractual teachers now comprise more than half of the teaching force" Meanwhile in many OECD countries such as the UK and the US (for example in California) teachers are often replaced by minimally trained people who are paid alot less and whose employment is much less secure - this is one way in which governments are making massive cuts in education spending - with a highly detrimental effect both to the contractual teachers themselves, their colleagues and also the children they teach. It seems that the situation in Hamachel Pradesh is different in that here they are attempting to get trained teachers on worse conditions than their permanently employed colleagues. It also appears that this is a feature of the World Bank driven SSA (Education for All) programme in India. (See previous posts)