A previous Protest by Contract Teachers in Lucknow Indian teachers in Lucknow and Uttarakhand have staged protests this week The teachers in Uttarakhand are on short term contracts - a practice which is very common across the Global South. This weekend the teachers tried to march towards the Legislative Assembly but were prevented by police. The teachers broke down the barricades and there were injuries on both sides. The teachers are demanding salary increases as well as permanent contracts. In Uttar Pradesh, thousands of teachers struck on Saturday and marched on the offices of the district inspector of schools. The teachers are demanding the regularisation of contracts in government schools as well as provision of pensions for teachers appointed since 2005, for whom as yet no provision is made at all - causing great insecurity to the teachers concerned. The teachers are also demanding that teachers in the many unaided or private schools are given proper contracts and pay scales.  Low income private schools are becoming more and more prevalent in India, with the active encouragement of the World Bank and neo-liberal education ideologues like James Tooley. State schools are systematically run down and denigrated, paving the way for private schools, often employing unqualified teachers and in poor conditions.