The image is of contract teachers in Tamil Nadu rallying in 2010- their just demands have still not been answered 

Teachers in the Tamil Nadu state of India are due to go on strike tomorrow, in pursuit of their long-running demands. Like teachers all over India and in many other parts of the world, one of the main demands is the regularisation of teachers contracts. At least 45,000 teachers in the state are on temporary contracts, and as a result they receive much lower salaries than their permanent colleagues, whose own salaries are low. Moreover they are not entitled to pensions when they retire from teaching - thus leaving them in penury.

Another big issue is the use of teachers in the state for 14 government welfare schemes, which take them away from their core work of teaching and learning. Duties like enrolment campaigns, census and immunisation drives are common tasks imposed on teachers all over South Asia. Ironically the World Bank and others compile statistics of teachers absent from the classroom - which of course teachers are when they are compulsorily involved in this extra-mural work. The teachers union, JACTA, has demanded that the government employ other personnel to do those tasks.  

JACTA has ordered its members to shutter the schools tonight and not to go in tomorrow. This is only the latest action in a long campaign which has included protests and hunger strikes. Other low paid government workers are planning a hunger strike on the same day in co-ordination with the teachers. 

Regular readers of this site will know that the campaign for proper contracts is one which has been fought with great determination in India for many years, and is no nearer being resolved.