Indonesian Teachers protesting last Year Contract teachers in Indonesia are still fighting for permanent status and decent pay 500 teachers rallied outside the presidential palace in Jakarta, demanding to be givenm permanent civil service contracts and to be paid at least according to the country's minimum salary levels for teachers The protest was organised by Forum Honorer Indonesia which includes 33 contract teacher organisations in the country. Contract teachers in Indonesia were fighting this time last year for the same demands (see previous post). As in many countries in the Global South the government is saving money on public education by employing teachers on short term contracts and paying them less than their permanent colleagues. This is a strategy which is actively promoted by the World Bank as a means of reaching the Millennium Development Goal of education for all by 2015. Not only is it exploitative of the teachers themselves, it also undermines the fight for decent pay and conditions for teachers who are often paid as little as $2 or $3 a day in countries in the Global South. There are nearly half a million contract teachers in Indonesia, some of them paid as little as $5.50 a month. Yet Indonesia is one of the G20 club of rich nations.