indones.jpg  Teachers protest in Jakarta this week Thousands of teachers demonstrated in the Indonesian capital on Tuesday Teachers rallied in front of the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Education in Jakarta calling for an end to teacher shortages and low salaries. Teachers' leaders pointed out that especially in rural areas there were acute shortages of teachers. As in many other parts of the world (see previous post this month on India for example), the Indonesian government has used poorly paid 'contract' teachers to try and fill the gap. There were large numbers of contract teachers at the rallies. Ani Agustina one of their leaders told the Jakarta Globe  that there are 427,000 across the country and that some are paid as little as Rp 50,000 [$5.50] a month . This is in a country which is an exporter of oil and a member of the G20 group of rich nations. Last October there were earthquakes in Indonesia which destroyed over 800 schools - a fact which was put down to shoddy building standards and corruption in the giving out of building contracts. (see previous post)