An  international conference, intended to tap resources and knowledge of researchers and activists to help build a global network of teachers and teachers unions, is being organized for 7-10 July 2020, University of Peloponnese, Greece, (Cooperative Institute for Transnational Studies).
The conference call explains  “It has now been decades that teachers and students have been resisting the global attack on education by attempt to raise consciousness about issues of concern, and engage in collective actions, including rallies, protests, lawsuits, letter-writing campaigns, speaking at public meetings and on talk radio, and so forth (Niesz, 2018). All across the globe the corporate takeover of governance that is attempting to turn education into a private enterprise is met with dissent and massive mobilization.”
“The challenge that we now face is to find ways to imagine possibilities to escape the fatalistic and restrictive force on us, while accepting that "there is [a] duty, for example, to never, under any circumstances, accept or encourage fatalist positions" (Freire, 2011)…In economically advanced and underdeveloped countries alike, teachers are fighting for the same cause: the defense of public education. Teachers globally are confronted with the same enemies who demand to take over education through cuts and privatization. Education is the basis of any society and the threat of corporate takeover is a threat to the future of society and the future of the world. Since the attack is global, it needs to be addressed internationally by teachers and families who are affected by the attack.”

More information, including a full explanation of the conference themes, deadlines for submission of proposals and sponsors, can be found at the conference website:

Teachers strike in Athens, 17th January, 2019.  Photo by Marios Lolos.

The conference call appears in French, here.