Teachers in Mexico, struggling against 'reform', which will see standardised curricula, high stakes testing, privatisation, performance related pay and tenure and all the other elements of the global neo-liberal project to undermine and destroy public education, have received messages of support from many parts of the world. Solidarity has come from the Americas - from Canada, the US, Brazil, Argentina, Panama and Ecuador. And a resolution of support is being put to the regional meeting of Education International, which is taking place in Brazil. There have also been messages from Wales and other parts of the UK. Teachers in Los Angeles staged a demonstration outside the Mexican consulate and Mexican teachers have been interviewed in California and Canada.

The teachers have also received much support from other groups in Mexico. Students in public universities staged a two day strike. And, on independence day this week, teachers marched with community supporters in Mexico City, condemning the education reforms and the violence used by the police to disperse the occupation of Zucalo Square.

On Sunday there will be another mass demonstration in Mexico City against the neo-liberal policies of the Pena Nieto government, including the privatisation of the state oil company.

The government is refusing to negotiate with the teachers and attempting to divide and rule by imposing local solutions. In this situation, and given the long struggle by the teachers, with those from Oaxaca having camped out in Zucalo Square for over a month, international solidarity is vitally important.

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