Teachers in Japan have sent a Mayday message to teachers in Seattle in solidarity with their test boycott:

May Day Solidarity Message


Dear Brothers and Sisters of Seattle MAP test-boycotting teachers,


We would like to send you our heartfelt solidarity message on behalf of fighting Japanese public school teachers. We feel great respect for your courageous uprising against standardized test.


Neoliberalism is destroying public education everywhere in the world. Countless numbers of children are robbed of opportunities to study for economic reasons. While, on the other hand, massive firings as well as casualization of public teachers are steadily ongoing.


In Japan, the far right Abe administration recently brought back national standardized test. Like you, we are absolutely set against standardized tests which push ahead privatization.


Let us join together and unite our struggles against the privatization of public education.

Unity makes us strong. Our international solidarity will surely open the way to the future!


Minoru Nihonyanagi,

Chair of Education Workers’ Caucus of National Coordinating Center of Labor Union

Meanwhile in London, the NUT Women's collective sent the following message to their colleagues in Seattle: 

London NUT Women's Network sends a message of solidarity to the Seattle teachers in their boycott of high stakes testing. We are on your side and part of the same struggle."