Despite the dangers of union resistance in Iran, teachers there are keeping up their fight for education funding according to reports. Social media and other internet sources indicate that teachers struck on February 22nd in pursuit of their demand that salaries be raised by more than the 14% proposed by government and that education funding be increased in line with other departments. The education budget is only being increased by 20%, while some other parts of government spending are going up by 60%..

Teachers say that their salaries are not beginning to keep up with inflation, which was around 25% last year, leaving a shortfall of 11%. At present a starting teacher earns about $175 a month. This is the latest action by teachers following protests and strikes earlier this month and last, which is particularly brave given the repression of dissent and union activism in Iran.

Meanwhile an elementary teacher in eastern Iran has started a campaign to combat racism and in particular discrimination against Afghan and Pakistani refugees in the country. The teacher launched the campaign by taking a photograph of himself and his students holding posters saying 'Iranian students support Afghani and Pakistani students.' The Facebook page that they launched now has over 20,000 likes. Iran has a huge number of refugees from Afghanistan and the campaign is in response to reports of racism against them, including against children in schools - with one shocking report of a teacher making students hold their hands in a toilet because they had forgotten their books. The Facebook page calls on other Iranians:

Please support us in this campaign to assure our Afghans brothers and sisters in Iran that we are not advocating any fascism  and racist behaviour. This campaign asks all Iranians to stand up and object to all this inhuman behaviour by using #ashamed along with their photos and videos to support this campaign.