Teachers in Iran have been on strike this week campaigning for decent pay and more funding for education. The teachers struck on Tuesday and Wednesday in many parts of the country and took part in large protests outside education ministries. They say that the education budget is inadequate.

Teachers unions are persecuted in Iran, with many activists imprisoned and some even executed. Teachers there face the same problems as many of their colleagues all over the world - in particular temporary contracts and low pay. But in addition teachers there face repression of their organisations. Despite this they continue to campaign - not only for better pay and funding but also on issues like the rights of Kurdish teachers and children and gender equality.  As a previous statement by the teachers union put it: “The teachers, despite all the challenges, continuously try to educate the children of this country, but prison, rope, exile and sacking is their reward. They are not allowed to freely express their ideas.”  -

The brave teachers of Iran deserve international solidarity in their present struggle.