Several reports on the internet state that some teachers have been executed and 78 others arrested in the Nineveh region of Iraq which is controlled by the group calling itself ISIS.  

The teachers who were executed had refused to teach a new syllabus imposed on them by the group, which cut out subjects like Maths, Philosophy and Biology. The group is also publishing its own textbooks to ensure that the content taught fits with its ideology. The teachers who were arrested had organised a protest against the curriculum and there must be fears for their safety.

This is the sharpest example we have yet found of the sacrifices which some teachers are prepared to make in order to defend education. ISIS is not alone in imposing curricula and textbooks on the people it controls. It is one of the most obvious means of control by governments over their citizens. We recently reported the struggles of teachers in South Korea for example against a government imposed history textbook. Nor are the teachers in Nineveh the only teachers who have been killed defending democratic education - we have reported teachers being killed for similar reasons in Mexico for instance. The courage of these and the teachers in Nineveh takes our breath away.