Protests in Iraq The Iraqi Teachers Union (ITU) held a protest in Tahrir Square, Baghdad this week in support of the people's demands for democracy and an end to corruption The ITU also demanded that more money be spent on public services, better housing for teachers and others and improved pay and allowances. The protest was also to generate support for today's mass protest called by the General Federation of Iraqi Workers (GFIW), which is  calling for the right of public service workers to form unions, the restoration of union assets frozen by the state in 2005 and to abolish anti-union laws passed by Saddam's government in 1987 as well as good public services for all, including health ,education, electricity and water. Nouri-al Maliki, the Iraqi Prime Minister has tried to discourage protestors by saying that they will be subverted by "Saddamists, terrorists and al-Qaeda'' - the same tactic which has been tried by other Arab governments when faced with mass protests. For its part the GFIW says that it isn't calling for regime change but for the government to comply with its reasonable demands .