Secondary teachers in Ireland are planning a one day strike, after members of their union the TUI voted by 89% in favour of action. The one day strike will take place before the Irish general election which is due before April of this year.

The teachers are striking over cuts, which mean oversized classes, cuts to pastoral care and a lack of resources, even though the government claims that the economy is recovering. They are also angry about workload, caused by larger classes but also by increasing amounts of paperwork. The third issue is the insecurity of teaching work, with many young teachers being hired on temporary contracts and low pay. A shocking 30% of secondary teachers are on temporary contracts, and this rises to 50% for teachers under 35.

A spokesperson for the students union said that there was a lot of sympathy among students for the teachers' action, particularly on the issue of insecure labour which particularly impacts on young people.

TUI have issued a detailed statement about the triggers for the strike, which will take place unless talks resolve these issues.

Meanwhile in the primary sector, teachers union INTO are to ballot for action next month over increasing workload and the freezing of all promotions - a situation which has been ongoing for eight years on the back of spending cuts. INTO general secretary, Sheila Nunan described this as 'intolerable.' Meanwhile in a situation which has become all too typical - even as the government cuts spending, it expects increased work, in this case a new school self evaluation policy. The ballot will call on members not to take part in this work.