One Irish teachers' union has voted to take action over pay cuts and others are likely to follow. 91% of the membership of the Irish National Teaching Organisation (INTO) have voted to take action including strike action over a proposed pay agreement, which would further cut their pay.

INTO have decided to go back into talks with the Labour Relations Commission, as has the Teaching Union of Ireland (TUI) - even though their members voted not to return to talks at their conference. TUI and the other main union ASTI are expected to announce their ballot results next week.

Ireland was one of the first countries in the Eurozone to be bailed out by the European Union and Central Bank after the financial crash of 2008. Since that time the government has systematically tried to make cuts to public services one of the main levers for solving the crisis. The other is increased power bills and household taxes. The money collected from ordinary people and their services goes straight to global bond holders. However there is a growing movement of opposition of which the teachers are an important part.