gazablog.jpg  Palestinian children in the ruins of their Gaza school after a previous Israeli attack As the UN boarded up 37 schools in Northern Gaza against a background of rising civilian casualties caused by the Israeli onslaught, a group of Israeli teachers are calling for an end to the violence Schools in Gaza had already been severely hit by the blockade of the small Palestinian territory, by shortages of fuel, food and the necessities of life leave alone education materials. Since last Wednesday the situation has become infinitely worse with over a hundred civilians killed including 19 children and Israeli government spokesmen  threatening more and worse to come. Palestinian teachers and children now find themselves directly in the line of fire.  Against this background a group of Israeli teachers has made the following appeal: "We, Israeli teachers working in cooperation with Palestinian teachers under the framework of the Education as Dialogue project,convey our horror in light of the unrestrained attack by the occupation army on an entire civilian population, and our full identification with the pain of Palestinian teachers, students and parents who are currently suffering the burden and cruelty of the occupational rule.  We believe that only education for dialogue, tolerance and deep mutual recognition can change the fatal relationship which prevails in this place, and can create productive, mutual existence.  The actions of the Israeli government and its army illustrate that those in charge did not receive suitable education and do not understand that had they invested in dialogue and mutual recognition, the effort and resources which they invest in oppression and murder, we would already be living here in sustainable peace.   We demand that the Israeli government and its occupation army immediately cease the fire on our Palestinian neighbours and colleagues.  We are sure that the cessation of violence against the Palestinian nation will also lead to the cessation of the Qassam shelling of Sderot and Ashkelon, thus allowing us all to live in honour, freedom and peace.", Nurit Peled-Elhanan, Hanah Amit-Kokhavi,  Aura Mor, Amnon Sadowski, Bentsi Slakmo, Ruth Boasson, Oded Naaman, Jenna Hanson, Tali Kokhavi, Guy Elhanan,  Noa Eshed, Idan Meir,Zvi Bekerman International Friends and teachers: Hassan G. Fouda, Margaret C. Fouda, Colin Edwards,      David W. Good,  Corinne Good, MikoPeled, Giorgio Forti (Italian university professor and member of the Network of Jews against Occupation). Anna Polo,Bernard Regan PSC Trade Union Officer UK,  ECO (ebrei contro l'occupazione), Fiamma Bianchi Bandinelli, Stefania Grecoli, Courtney Cazden (Harvard University) , Annalucia Messina, Françoise et Michel Rouyer, professeurs à la retraite France, Xavier et Yvette Louvet, Jeanne Boutreux, professeur en retraite ( france), Marie-Odile Jordan ( France ),Chantal Souchon  , documentaliste ( France ), Anne Courtieux ( France),Marie-Pierre Belin ( France),Ginette Debrie  ( France),Enrico Peyretti Torino, Italy, Baudouin Jurdant, Université de Paris Jussieu,Mario Vadacchino  Turin, Italy, Brigitte Fichet Université Marc Bloch Centre d'Etudes des Migrations et des Relations Inter-Culturelles, Françoise Crézé, Nathan Finkelstein, Josiane Olff-Nathan, Philippe Dumas (CNRS-ULP, Strasbourg), Ghislaine SOULET Among the signitatories is Nurit Peled-Elhanan - a prominent fighter for the rights of Palestinians.The onslaught on Palestine has drawn widespread condemnation including some criticism from the US and EU. Fatah leader and president Mahmoud Abbas has broken off talks with the Israelis as a result.