School students and teachers have once again been on  the march against the ironically named Buona Scola (Good School) reforms, which will see schools increasingly modeled on the needs of business. All the usual features of corporate reform are in the frame: privatisation, performance related pay, precarious work and standardised testing. The reforms will also involve school students gaining work 'experience' by working unpaid for local businesses.

There were numerous actions last week, which included a strike by teachers in the union COBAS, who met up with school students in the capital, Rome. Further protests took place in Naples, Milan and Turin. Students marched on targets such as book publishers whose books are too expensive for families to afford, media outlets who are promoting the reform and the business confederation which is one of its main architects.

Students and teachers were charged by armed police in Milan and several people were injured, including a teacher who was taken to hospital. In Naples, teachers and students attempting to reach the headquarters of the business confederation were met with armed police who attacked them with truncheons as can be seen in the video clip below, with several injuries.

Nonetheless assemblies were held at which campaigners decided on more action for this week. As well as more protests against the 'reforms' there will be a general strike on Friday 20th in which teachers will be taking part.