Public Sector Workers Demonstrating in Rome Yesterday Teachers have joined other public sector workers in Italy in a strike against cuts in public spending Three million public sector workers went on strike yesterday including teachers, transport workers and other public sector workers bringing much of Italy to a  halt and there were demonstrations in major cities across the country. The teachers are protesting aginst $64 billion worth of cuts which will mean lower pay and pensions,  fewer teachers - there have already been cuts of over 140,000 teachers over the last three years - larger class sizes and the increased casualisation of the labour force. While an original plan to increase taxes for the wealthy has now been dropped, other new measures have been included such as a diminution of employment rights - meaning it will be easier for employers to sack their workers. Public sector workers are also angry that while they pay their taxes at source, many people who run businesses avoid paying tax. As part of its 'austerity' package, the government is also considering increasing value added tax - which always hits the poor hardest and raising the retuirement age. The right wing Berlusconi government is instigating these measures in the face of icreasing hysteria by international bonds traders who are losing confidence in the Italian economy and demanding ever higher interest for buying Italian bonds. This is having a knock on effect on the economy of the European Union (EU) and its currency the Euro which is lurching from one crisis to another as populations resist austerity measures in countries across the EU - most recently in Greece. Once again it is left to greed and the irrationality of the markets to determine the funding for vital public services like education and once again teachers are in the forefront of the struggle to put the interests of people before the interests of capital.