Teachers' leaders in the Ivory Coast have called for an end to the strike against poverty and unpaid wages according to the Education International website. Primary and secondary teachers have been on strike since April 8th. As well as a living wage, the teachers are calling for the reinstatement of sacked headteachers and a resumption of checkoff of union dues. 

Nonetheless it appears that the strike is continuing under the auspices of the joint teacher trade union body the ISEF. According to reports many striking teachers have been arrested and accused of disrupting public order. With galloping inflation, massive unemployment and 50% of people under the poverty line - the strike of the teachers and healthworkers has been characterised as a strike against poverty and supported by the opposition Parti Ivoirien des Travailleurs (PIT).

A similar situation obtains in Congo Brazzaville - where impoverished teachers and health workers have been on strike and their leaders arrested, in a country rich in minerals and oil.