Farzad Kamangar - executed a Year ago by the Iranian Authorities Iranian teachers who were jailed for pro-democracy protests and trade union activities have issued a statement The teachers are demanding the right to form a union and tocriticise the authorities. The teachers say they want to be able to teach a curriculum where the first lesson to be taught is how to think freely. Meanwhile members of the Vocational Organisation of Kurdistan Teachers are calling on the regime to free Kurdish teachers from prison and are planning an event to mark the first anniversary of the execution of Farzad Kamangar, a Kurdish teacher and trade union activist.(see previous posts) One of the organisers of the event said: “Kamangar sacrificed himself for the people and declared that the people’s interest is above all other interests. He would always tell the prison officers: if you continue this way, you too will remain as prisoners inside this prison"  The teachers' organization has released a statement that reads, “The teachers, despite all the challenges, continuously try to educate the children of this country, but prison, rope, exile and sacking is their reward. They are not allowed to freely express their ideas.”  The statement also calls for the release of some teachers who are currently in prison, among them Rasul Bodagi, Saed Hashim Khastar and Nabi Alla Bastan.