Teachers on Hunger Strike in Imphal Over a hundred teachers have been jailed in Imphal because they were campaigning for salaries owed to them Teachers in Imphal, capital of the North East Indian state of Manipur have been campaigning for months for the 6th Pay Commission deal to be paid to them. The teachers - all members of the Council of Teachers Associations - COTA - have had strikes, work to rules and hunger strikes. The teachers have also refused to carry out the burdensome census work which is foisted on teachers in many parts of India.  Now 132 of them have been arrested and those in jail have begun a hunger strike and resisted attempts to force feed them by the prison authorities. Meanwhile their colleagues are holding rallies and hunger strikes to support them. Manipur is wracked by poverty and has suffered civil strife over the last ten years. The authorities are able to act there with impunity because emergency measures have been in force there under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. Meanwhile the World Bank has given the state its attention - as usual calling for large scale privatisation and supporting infrastructure projects like the Tipaimukh Dam which will have potentially devastating effects on the local commmunities.