tax-havens.jpg  Demonstration against Tax Havens in Jersey Members of the two largest teaching unions in the UK are uniting in Jersey to fight a pay freeze Members of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) and the National Associaiont of Schoolmasters/Union of Women Teachers (NAS/UWT) are joining forces with other public sector unions in Jersey to fight the island government's pay freeze. The Island of Jersey is the country with the third largest per capita income in the world - it is a major European tax haven - a bolt hole for the money of many of those who have brought the economic crisis about. As a result property in Jersey is prohibitively expensive for anyone but the rich, yet half it's population is on the minumum wage. And in this situation as in so many other countries in the world, it is the people who work in the services on which most people depend - schools, hospitals, social services who are being asked to pay for the crisis caused by their millionaire neighbours. Jersey's draconian anti-union laws make it illegal for workers there to strike but they are holding a mass demonstration in the capital on Saturday 24th April. To express solidarity and for more detail please go to this link: