Teachers in Jordan have been on strike for over a week in their campaign for a decent salary. Teachers began their strike on August 17th, when they officially start back for the new term before the students return a week later. 

Husam Masheh, chair of the Jordan Teachers Association (JTA), explained that they had started the strike ahead of the school term because, "When we decided to hold the strike, we did not wish our strike to have a negative impact on the students." Not only that but the JTA has organised 40 different events, including sit-ins and protests to try to get its message across to the government but to no avail.

"We wanted to congratulate you on the first day of school. But the stubbornness of the government and its aggressive way in dealing with our legitimate demands have prevented us from doing so," a statement from the union said. The unions says that 85% of teachers have responded to the strike call.

As well as asking for a 50% salary increase over three years, there are many other issue in the strike, including the way teachers' pensions funds are being dealt with and other issues to do with employment rights.

The JTA was in the forefront of campaigns with other groups in 2012, against the government's removal of subsidies for fuel at the behest of the International Monetary Fund, which saw fuel prices rising by 54%. They also had to fight for their right to unionise - a campaign which was only won in 2011.