jordan.jpg  School Children in Jordan The Jordanian Government has threatened teachers with 'all appropriate measures' if they continue their strike Many teachers in the South of Jordan are on strike for better wages and conditions The strike was precipitated when teachers were campaigning for the right to form an association - a right which is denied to them in Jordan. When the Minister of Education stated in response: "Teachers should take care of their appearance and shave their beards before demanding to establish an association," teachers were outraged and took strike action which - like the right to form a union is illegal in Jordan for government employees. Teachers have made it clear that they will make up the lost time to their students by working at weekends to help them - yet still the government is attacking them for 'acting against their professional duties.' Teachers who have been on strike for a week are demanding amongst other things the resignation of the Minster for Education. One teacher Omar Maqableh told the Jordan Times: "The situation of Jordanian teachers is extremely worrying. How are we expected to provide a proper education while we are deprived of our basic rights?"