A Protest in Jordan earlier this Year Teachers in Jordan are on strike this week, demanding the right to form a union Teachers in Jordan went on strike last March for the right to form a union and were insulted and attacked by the government (see previous post) Despite the new government set up by the King in response to the protests sweeping the region, the teachers still have not got the legal right to form a union so for the past week they have been on strike. In July 2010, the teachers set up the National Committee to Revive the Teachers Association, made up of one representative for each of the 42 regions of Jordan. Hiba Ali, a teacher in Balquaa told the website www.al-shorfa.com:  "It does not make sense not to have a union or some other form of professional organization to organize 100,000 teachers.It is also irrational to pay a teacher who works and labours for 40 years in this humanitarian and honourable profession at a salary that does not exceed 300 dinars."