The Hunger Strikers Contract college teachers are on hunger strike in the Kashmir valley in their campaign for a pay rise and permanent contracts The teachers have been on strike for two months and since their demands have not been listened to they have resorted to a hunger strike for the last week. About 90% of teachers in government colleges are on short term contracts. They earn less than $200 a month - yet they are highly qualified - some with doctorates. Not only this but their contracts are terminated in February and restarted in April and their workload has been increased from four to six lectures a day. The President of the college contract  teachers' union (JKCCTA) Dr Muhammad Maqbool told the Rising Kashmir website: “Instead of four classes now we have been forced to take six classes a day, which violate the University Grants Commission (UGC) norms. We are just like munshis. We can’t concentrate properly neither we are able to prepare ourselves for six lectures a day as the work load is too much on us.” Some teachers on hunger strike have already been taken to hospital with dehydration and hunger. Protesting teachers have carried banners with slogans like:“We are teachers not criminals,”  “The broken promises of yesterday are the protests of today” and “contractualisation is a full stop on our freedom, dignity and future” . The use of contract teachers is a strategy used in all phases of education in many countries in the Global South and in the richer OECD countries as recent stories from many countries in Africa, South East Asia and other states of India testify. It is a practice which is encouraged by the World Bank as a means of cutting the cost of education. As captains of finance and bond traders exhort governments to cut public spending and in particular spending on education even further in response to the deepening crisis, there is a real possibility that this practice will become even more widespread. However many teachers in these same countries are demonstrating their determination to fight back as regular readers of this website will know.