The latest twist in the struggle of Kenyan teachers was played out at the High Court today, which ordered the suspension of the strike for 90 days while mediation takes place. However the general secretary of the largest teachers union, KNUT, said he would not call off the strike immediately because there was a need to consult. 

The leader of the other teaching union involved, KUPPET, also said that he would be consulting his members and pointed out that the government had failed to obey the multiple court orders which have ordered them to pay the teachers the 50% - 60% increase agreed. 

Employers and government had argued that the strike was illegal, but once again the court found for the teachers and ordered that they be paid their September salaries. In an unequivocal statement the judge said: 'The petitioner will not victimize or in any way take any adverse step against the respondents’ members for participating in the strike called by the respondents in September 1 2015 and this includes payment of full salaries and allowances without any deductions whatsoever.'

The long and determined struggle of the Kenyan teachers for justice is one which is being watched by teachers around the world.