kenblog1.jpg  Kenyan Riot Police attacking Demonstrators during last year's General Election Reports from Kenya indicate that the strike of the school teachers' union KNUT is winning 100% backing from its 230,000 members Parents had been told by the government to send their children to school in the normal way but when they arrived they found the vast majority of schools empty. However by the end of yesterday when the strike began at least 40 striking teachers had been arrested and many others injured in demonstrations. The highest number of arrests were in Emuhaya in the Western Province where 31 teachers taking part in demonstrations have been arrested. Other reports say that tear gas has been used to break up demonstrations and many teachers have been injured.  The Kenyan Government has declared that the strike is illegal and is threatening to sack striking teachers and arrest those who 'incite' others to strike. Please see previous posts for more background to the strike. If you have any first hand reports of the strike and would like them posted on this site (anonymously if you wish) or if you wish to send solidarity through the site please email me at