As teachers in Kenya enter the second day of their all out strike, they are garnering huge support. Importantly the national union confederation (COTU), is threatening a general strike if the pay rise which they are owed is not paid. Francis Atwoli, COTU General Secretary said in a statement:

This was a hard-earned victory for both Knut and Kuppet and pushing them further through threats and intimidation will not help as Cotu is equally engaging its affiliates with a view to calling nationwide workers' strike in solidarity with Kenyan teachers whose fight has been a long and painful one ... we vow to stand with the Kenyan teachers

Meanwhile even some of the national media has come out in support of the teachers, an editorial in the Standard says: 

Teachers play an important role in our lives and without them our life foundation would not be what it is now. Some of us have had teachers who acted as parents while still in school.

In addition to that, the work load some teachers have to do doesn’t match the payment they get. Some work in risky conditions while others have to walk for miles to school.

The Government should, for once, listen to their plight and give teachers what they deserve.

It is important that Kenyan teachers also receive global solidarity. There is no doubt that the government will attempt to intimidate teachers and their leaders into going back to work.They are already suggestig that the strike is illegal. However Kenyan teachers have proved again and again, that just as they make heroic efforts in the classroom under conditions and for pay which those of us teaching in the North would not even consider, so they are heroic in their fight for justice.

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