Kenyan teachers have launched an occupy protest at the offices of the Teachers Services Commission (TSC), the body responsible for their pay. As we reported earlier this week, teachers have gone back to work in good faith yet have still not been paid their September salaries, even though the TSC was ordered to pay up. As a result many teachers are in dire need and there has already been one suicide.

One of the proteters told reporters: 'The reason we are here today is to set up camp outside TSC offices until we are paid. We will fast and pray for however long it takes. We are not going anywhere until teachers are paid. We need to ensure the Government obeys the court order.'

Far from paying the teachers in line with the court order, the TSC is busy submitting regulations to introduce performance related pay and tenure, which would enable head teachers to sack staff who are not 'performing' adequately. How teachers are supposed to do their job when they are teaching classes which can be as big as a hundred students, in inadequate buildings and with inadequate materials, I do not know. Even worse, teachers are now frequently having to work on an empty stomach and with the added worry of not knowing if they are going to be able to afford their rent or to feed their families.

Unlike the assorted celebrities, corporate CEOs and World Bank leaders asserting their wish to achieve 'education for all' last month,  Kenyan teachers are in the front line, fighting for education under almost impossible circumstances - they deserve all our support.

Victory to #occupyTSC!