The leader of the Kenyan National Union of Teachers, Wilson Sossion, has threatened strike action if the government seeks to impose performance contracts on teachers.

In line with World Bank policy, the Kenyan government is introducing performance related pay and tenure, in an effort to blame teachers for the shortcomings of the public education system.

Sossion put the blame where it really lies - on the pitiful lack of resources, both for reasonable pay for staff and for infrastructure: 'When we talk of quality education, we mean one teacher to an acceptable ratio of learners and improved infrastructure that is fit for a conducive learning environment.'

He also pointed out that the private sector is profiting from the perceived failure of public education. KNUT in conjunction with an Education International initiative, is campaigning hard against the spread of so-called low fee private schools in the country, which are getting profit from some of the poorest people in the country, even as they provide substandard education.

The education minister recently toured schools belonging to the Bridge Academy chain and was shocked at what he saw (see video below)

Meanwhile the employers are stalling on a long-promised pay rise, and have till February 27th to come up with one, or KNUT will be empowered to strike over this issue as well.