kenblog.jpg  A previous strike by Kenyan teachers Members of the Kenyan post primary education union are due to go on strike next week in pursuit of their pay claim The Kenyan Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) represents 32,000 teachers and lecturers who have given notice of a strike due to start next week. Their main demand is the lessening of the differential between the lowest paid teacher - approximately £37 per month and the highest paid education civil servant who earns nearly twenty times as much. The government has treated the union's demands with disdain and refused to deal with KUPPET saying that it will only negotiate with the Kenya National Union of Teachers even though KUPPET is recognised by the Teachers Service Commission and its subscriptions are deducted at source. Mr Kanyamba, the secretary general of KUPPET says that the teachers will not back down. 'This is our life and we shall not bow to pressure,' he told the Nation.