Teachers' in Kenya are still on strike in pursuit of the pay rise which is owed to them. The Teachers Services Commission (TSC) is meanwhile threatening to sack teachers who are on strike, calling their action 'illegal.' This is ironic, given that it is the TSC which is in breach of the law. The highest courts of the land have told them on several occasions that the teachers must be paid and they continue to defy the law.

Teachers are not cowed by the government's actions however. Many teachers are registering themselves with the TSC as being on strike. Meanwhile demonstrations have taken place in many towns. 

Both of the major teaching unions in the country, KNUT and KUPPET are instructing their members not to attend school. A post on the KNUT facebook page says in a defiant message: 

WAKE UP TEACHERS. IT'S WAR. KNUT HAS now dared the Teachers Service Commission to make good its threat to sack teachers who fail to report to work. Warning: this will spark the biggest industrial action ever witnessed in the country.

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) and the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) at the same time directed their members to take to the streets on Monday to demand for their pay .

The unions maintain that the commission has no moral authority to order teachers back to class since it defied the supreme court ruling awarding the teachers a 50- 60% pay HIKE. TEACHERS WE MEET AT OUR KNUT BRANCHES THIS MORNING.

The government is pleading poverty and saying that it has not got the funds to pay teachers a living wage. KNUT leader Wilson Sossion points out however that there is tax evasion on a massive scale in the country. In particular there is rampant evasion by global corporation with one report estimating this costs the country over $6 billion annually. 

To read more background to this dispute go here: http://www.teachersolidarity.com/list/KE