Teachers in South Korea are protesting the introduction of a new history textbook, published by the government of Park Geun-Hye and are calling for the education minister to resign.

This is just the latest chapter in the Korean Teachers Union's (KTU) long fight for democratic education, which we have been following for many years on this website. It is above all for this reason that the KTU has been consistently repressed by the government.

The union's leader told reporters the text book was 'a political invasion of education' and added: 'Regardless of the content of the book, the idea of teaching children state-authored history is improper.' He accused the government of ignoring the will of millions of protesters (see banner picture) who are demanding democracy and for the resignation of the President, in the wake of a corruption scandal involving one of her closest associates who is accused of meddling in the state's affairs and profiting from her influence.

The KTU collected almost 100,000 signatures on an online petition against the introduction of the textbook in the space of four days last week. Their stand is supported by 17 local education offices who are refusing to use the textbook if it is published.