If you are a teacher in Latvia, you now have to swear an oath of allegiance to the Lativan state. From today, any teacher or headteacher who shows disloyalty to the state or imbues students with 'wrong attitudes' to life, society, and the country faces dismissal.

As one education campaigner put it: 'Instead of helping, guiding, training and supporting teachers [the ministry works] only to check up on and scare them.' In fact far from supporting teachers, the government underfunds school to such an extent that teachers went on strike last year over the issue.

As well as the nebulous concept of loyalty to the state, the new law also discriminates against minority languages in the country, where Russian is still widely spoken as well as Latvian. As the same campaigner said, this will terrify teachers in schools catering for linguistic minorities.

Forcing teachers to swear an oath of allegiance to the state, will potentially stifle the development of democratic education in Latvia, a member country of the European Union, and not leave teachers free to work with children to understand critically the way their country is organised and how to help to shape a better world. It is in line with the push of education 'reformers' globally to control and regiment education and teachers.