Teachers In Lebanon have had to take strike action yet again in their fight for proper pay. This is part of a longstanding campaign with the government, who continually fail to discuss the important issue of public sector pay, including that of teachers.

Teachers in public schools and also many private schools struck yesterday (23rd April) and leaders warned that if the government does not take action on their demands, the school year, which is nearing its close, would be in jeopardy since teachers would be 'taking to the streets'.

Interestingly on the same day as the teachers struck, the Lebanese press was reporting the intervention of the World Bank, which is demanding more 'reform' from Lebanon and chastises it about having slipped down the ranking for 'ease of doing business', for which read ease of exploiting workers and lack of regulation. 

Lebanon is in fact taking a huge number of refugees from the war in Syria, while the West, whose interests the Bank represents, is letting them drown in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile teachers in some parts of Lebanon have a huge increase in their workload and responsibilities as a result. Of course the World Bank is not offering any material help with the refugee crisis,  rather it is insisting that the country reduces its budget deficit, exactly the reason why teachers and other public servants are still waiting for decent pay, while the rich continue to enjoy their opulent lifestyles by the sea.