Teachers demonstrating in Lebanon yesterday Teachers in both private and public schools were on strike in Lebanon yesterday in support of their pay demand Although a pay rise has already been agreed for teachers in Lebanon, the government has failed to put the order to parliament and the rise still remains unpaid. The teachers held a mass demonstration in the capital Beirut to co-incide with their strike. Some teachers called on the government to tax luxury seaside properties and the lifestyles of the rich, rather than attacking poor people. The teachers had previously boycotted the marking of exams, but withdrew the action in exchange for promises that the agreed pay rise would be forthcoming. Many teachers felt they had been tricked by the government. One maths teacher on the demonstration told the Daily Star: “Let them stop theft, wasteful spending and impose taxes on banks and ports to finance the pay raise." She said that her husband was also a teacher but that between them they could not afford to raise children.  Teachers have threatened to escalate their action if the pay rise is not forthcoming.The leader of the secondary teachers' union told the demonstrators: 
“In Lebanon, there are at least around 2,000 educational institutions and dozens of ministries and public institutions ... I tell you get ready for a decision to escalate. We students, teachers and public sector employees are able to paralyze the country through sit-ins, demonstrations and strikes.”