Lebanese Teachers demonstrating earlier Teachers in Lebanon are expected to go ahead with their strike today Leaders of the UCC, which organises teachers and other public sector workers, had been in last minute negotiations with the government to try to avert the strike. The government had promised to discuss the provision of a long agreed pay rise in parliament yesterday - but the decision was postponed at the last minute. The government has been put under pressure by private sector representatives in the so-called Economic Committees who say a pay increase in the public sector will damage the economy. The government had intended to finance it by allowing the building of even higher developments in exchange for a tax increase. A statement for the UCC says: 
It [the Cabinet] decided to cancel the session to appease the Economic Committees. It seems the Grand Serail has turned into the palace of the Economic Committees, which is making relentless efforts to prevent any reforms, making it easier for them to continue to steal the nation’s wealth.