Lebanese Teachers demonstrating in July Lebanese teachers and public sector workers are threatening strike action if long promised salary increases are not forthcoming This is the latest battle  in a long campaign for Lebanese teachers to achieve a salary which allows them to live with dignity, against a background of raging inflation. Public sector workers are particularly incensed that politicians have awarded themselves a hefty pay rise, while refusing to implement the long promised salary scale for state employees. The teachers and other workers are also angry that the government is threatening to raise taxes in order to pay for the new salary scale, if it is implemented. They say there should be no tax rises for hard-pressed people who are on low incomes. The leader of the committee co-ordinating the strike,  Hana Ghorayeb, told the Daily Star that the government was prepared to hand over vast amounts of tax payers money to the banks in high interest loans, but "when it comes to the indisputable rights of employees and workers, the government does not show any enthusiasm for raising salaries and always claims that any salary hike will have a devastating impact on the budget deficit and inflation. All these excuses are not justified."